Smlab! Sound Multimedia Lab is a course where the students from all art departments of NOVIA will have the opportunity to work in team on the concept of sound, learn about the different points of view of electronic music and see the magic of the union between sound and visual art!  The first meeting will take place in the Studio (Rytmhuset) next wednesday 1.12, from 13 to 16. 
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Course information
Sound Multimedia Lab
The course should be made up of students from different departments to create organised working groups. 

On completion of the course, the student
- is able to manage her/his own work in a team composed of artists from other disciplines
- has a new sensitivity to sound, visual arts and understands the artistic potential of combining several artistic languages
- developed a different understanding of the concept of sound and music and their relationship with new technologies.

- Reflection on the concept of Sound
- Theoretical understanding of sound and sound synthesis
- Artistic use of the sound engineer's editing and mixing tools
- Soundscapes: outdoor recording and artistic implications
- Realisation of an artistic installation
- Design and planning of an acoustic laptop
- Live performance
- Theatrical multimedia performance
- Working with electronic music and interaction with live electronics

no previous knowledge


About the Sound
Reflections on the concept of sound and music. Different applications of sound and music in cinema and visual arts. First look at sound theory and wave physics. Artistic concept of sound, invitation to listen to sound artists and composers of electronic music, electroacoustics and minimalism. Practical exercise, designing and making an acoustic laptop.
Final related project:  Laptop Orchestra

Reflections on the soundscape, noise pollution and how man has changed the world's soundscape, historical and artistic considerations. Invitation to listen to artists who have worked with soundscapes (Jana Winderen). Practical exercise, outdoor recording.
Final related project: Soundcards from Jakobstad/Finland

Sound Painting
Conception of an artistic project, coordinating a visual medium (e.g. a canvas) and selected sounds in relation to it. The practical creation of the support will be done by means of a conductive ink and a touch-sensitive microprocessor.

Multimedia Live Performance
Interaction between visual and sound arts. Reading graphic scores. Rehearsals. Consideration of the theatrical script, the visual script and the sound script.  Discussion of the individual artistic vision of the project as a whole, reflection on the combination of artistic languages. Coordination of visual and sound elements, lighting design. Stage clothes and make-up, reflection on stage presence (actors and musicians). Sound setting, spatialisation and audio treatment.
Final considerations and live performance.
Final related project:

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